Projects | Urban spaces

Planting and irrigation design of the public space besides and the square above of the Olimpic Museum. Landscape arrangement of the built talus with the...
Planting design and irrigation of the sports area in Masnou by the side of the cementery.
Gardening of the roof of the halfway station of the cable railway of Montjuïc and restoring of the slope by the means of erosion control...
Analysis and preliminary proposal of the remodelling of the urban spaces at 'La Font dels Capellans' in Manresa.
Planting design and centralised irrigation scheme for the surrounding at the new hospital in Igualada (Barcelona)
Remodelació de l'espai de Les Ginetes: adequeció dels accessos dels vianants, estabilització de talussos i arranjament de la jardineria i mobiliari urbà.
Improvement of the pedestrian circulation for an urban area. Landscape reclamation with the existing trees and planting of new specimens.
Team members with FORGAS Arquitectes, Elena Valls and Pep Buxadé, CEDIPSA and Josep Lascurain in the planting and irrigation system of over 1 km of...
Recreational area with acess improvement, urban furniture, planting and irrigation design.
Plant selection and site works supervision for the planting of tall palm trees.
Project for the overall site masterplan. Final design of the car park with pavement, new staircases and ramps for the pedestrians.