Projects | Private gardens

Private garden in the Costa Brava in a rural setting, with Empordà and Provence inspirations
Private communal garden at the foot of a condominium and placed over the roof of the garage, at the ground level of the building. Tree...
Garden surrounding a special house designed by 05AM arquitectura. It is divided in two section: One is irregular and natural, based on a mediterranean woodland...
Roof garden on a high-end residence in Barcelona
Private garden built before the house. In this project we had in mind sustainability, especially with regard to water consumption: Zoysia grass, efficient irrigation with...
Urban back yard in Barcelona, where we have constructed some very big wooden planters for creating a pleasant and exuberant environment.
Preliminary project of the community gardens at the urbanization of Al Blikaz in Algiers, Algeria.
Restoration of the Mediterranean coastal woodland affected by the house construction works and ornamental planting at the entrance.
Design of the private and communal gardens at Via Augusta, Tarragona, including roof and balcony planting in a 17 homes development.
Private garden for a new house at Llafranc.
Reduction of the acoustic impact of the motorway by means of ground modelling and vegetation, plus community garden.
Redesign of the existing garden: reduction of grass areas, new schurb planting and roof garden.