Projects | Landscape reclamation

Irrigation design at right side of Llobregat's river.
Landscape reclamation of the earth banks near the historical defending wall in the city of Balaguer.
Ground modelling, rainwater channelling and tree planting for the reclamation of this old rubbish dump.
Arrangement and preparation of the paths of different forest tracks of the Parc Agroforestal.
Reclamation of a planted sound barrier in Sant Cugat.
Final project of the arrangement of the surroundings of the 'Riera de les Arenes' and a path of the 'Parc Agroforestal' as a promenade for...
Design of a pedestrian path and amenity areas around the second stage of the industrial estate, including the storm water management.
Reclamation of a former rubble dump at the street 'del Xot', near a Mediterranean forest.
Native tree planting to restore a mediterranean woodland on a former agricultural field near the industrial estate of Can Salvatella.
Landscape reclamation of the stream of Sant Cugat on its way through the 'Parc de la Pollancreda'.
Restauració paisatgística de la Riera de Sant Cugat