City Council of Igualada

Projectes realitzats

Planting design, teaming with the city council architects, responsible for the overall project.
Planting design and centralised irrigation scheme for the surrounding at the new hospital in Igualada (Barcelona)
Preliminary design for a 3 ha urban park.
Planting of the Park of Valldaura: new park on a channelled stream and a former uncontrolled rubbish dump. Restoration of a talus and renovation of...
Planting and irrigation design at 'Plaça de les Tortugues'.
Final project of the arrangement of a park in a derelict urban area with design of the plantings and irrigation.
Planting and irrigation design based on a plan by Carme Pinós. Recreation of an young regeneration woodland with native species, including trees and shrubs
Crematori del Cementiri Nou d'Igualada - maig 2017
External courtyard for the Leather Museum, designed to accomodate cultural festivities on a base of compacted soil littered with "spontaneous" weeds, as well as other...
Landscape integration of the new parking lot in a sports area, including permeable paving and bank treatment and integration of the earth movements. Planting of...